Porcelain planter- Black with black & white eyes

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Cylindrical  from colored porcelain made using the slip-casting technique and decorated by hand.  

The container has a shiny smooth glaze on the inner surface.

Our cylindrical containers are one of the first products the studio developed and to this day one of the most popular. 

The containers are designed with a simple and precise shape and are a wonderful option for plants in your home, utensils for your kitchen, or as decorative items. You can choose to use them as your heart desires.

Production time

All items are made to order and take about 2 weeks of preparation  if you have any questions or need your items faster please contact us.

 Care and use:

The containers are made from materials safe for food and beverages and can be heated in a microwave and washed in a dishwasher.

There is inner glaze.

You can choose from 5 different sizes.

Each piece made in the studio is handmade through all the creation process: from preparing the raw materials, mixing the glazes, and painting the decoration.

So There may be slight changes between pieces and pieces,  in size and shape also between the pieces and how they appear in the photograph